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1999 Mazda RX-7 Type RS

- Performance and Prestige from Japan!
  • Grade:

    Type RS

  • Year::


  • Mileage:

    117,100 km

  • Inspection Valid Until:

    April 2024

  • Repair History:


  • Transmission:

    5-speed Manual

Exciting Upgrades:

  • MAZDA SPEED Sport Suspension
  • Advan Racing RZII 18-Inch Wheels
  • BLITZ SUS Power Air Cleaner
  • DCL Sports Catalyzer
  • Kakimoto Racing Hyper Fullmega Muffler
  • MOMO Drifting Steering Wheel
  • Defi Oil Temperature Gauge
  • HKS Boost Meter
  • Nagai Electronic Shift Indicator Model NO.4500
  • TOMEI Shift Knob
  • ECLIPSE AVN112M SD Navigation
  • Rearview Camera
  • COMTEC ZERO 6V Radar Detector
  • BLITZ FULL AUTO Turbo Timer
  • Aftermarket LED Tail Lights
  • Foot Lamp

Car Price: ¥3,450,000 (approx. $22,940 USD)

Iconic Legacy:

The third-generation FD3S RX-7 is a legendary model by Mazda, mesmerizing car enthusiasts even 20 years after production ended. This particular late-model FD3S RX-7, registered in June 1999, boasts a 280 horsepower Type RS grade with no repair history.

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Approximately 5,400 km before the current mileage, extensive maintenance was performed costing close to ¥1,000,000. This included turbo and clutch replacements, ensuring the car’s exceptional condition.

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Finished in the popular and stunning “Innocent Blue” (Color Code 20P), the exterior condition is admirable for its age with minor blemishes well within acceptable levels. The car is rust-free with intact jacking points, indicative of its excellent state.

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Equipped with desirable add-ons like additional gauges, radar detector, and navigation, the interior is in fine condition, with only minor wear on the driver’s seat being noticeable.

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Lowered with MAZDA SPEED sports suspension and outfitted with Yokohama Advan Racing RZII 18-inch alloy wheels, this RX-7 rides beautifully. The engine starts on the first crank, idles smoothly, and is free from any abnormal noises.

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Maintenance Records:

At 111,727 km, a comprehensive service was conducted including replacing the turbocharger, clutch components, gaskets, hoses, brake pads, and more, totaling an investment of ¥929,000.

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With each minor change from 1991 to 2003, the RX-7 increased in power, with this ’99 model reaching the peak of 280 horsepower. A true testament to Mazda’s engineering prowess.

For our global customers:

Jsmile LLC (WeLoveJDM.com) is proud to offer this gem for worldwide export from Japan! Please refer to the attached price details for the complete export process, including our dedicated service fee, handling, and shipping.

Car Price: ¥3,450,000 (approx. $22,940 USD)

  • Service Fee with Other Expenses: ¥277,500 (approx. $1,845 USD)
    Our service fee includes a comprehensive package:
    – Our commission
    – Expenses related to the purchasing process
    – Free storage at the port for 30-45 days
    – Customs clearance before export
    – Domestic vehicle delivery arrangement to the port
    – Photos of the vehicle at the port
    – Booking for the next available vessel
    – Vehicle De-Registration
    – Making and translating the export certificate
    – Handling other domestic documentation
    – Radiation inspection
    – Sending the complete set of documents to you
  • Domestic Delivery to Shipping Port: ¥25,000 (approx. $166 USD)
  • Total FOB: ¥3,752,500 (approx. $24,951 USD)
 Costs Not Charged to You:
Our commitment to transparency means we cover the following costs upfront and seek reimbursement only after export — ensuring these are not additional expenses for you:
  • Vehicle sales TAX
  • Vehicle Tax (if applicable with number plates)
  • Vehicle Insurance (if applicable with number plates)
  • Recycle fee
Our quoted prices are transparent, with no hidden fees. The price you see is the price you pay, without worrying about the usual administrative and regulatory fees associated with car exports from Japan.

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