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Quick to Buy

- Communicate via WhatsApp for instant responses.

- Share a link of the product or car you desire, and we can facilitate payment in as little as 10 minutes (subject to deposit availability).


- A broad array of optional services tailored to your requirements.

- As your dedicated business partner in Japan, we go beyond our listed services to provide bespoke solutions for your unique needs.


Personal Assistance Service

- Every registered client receives a dedicated "Super Manager" for personalized care.

- Always available on WhatsApp and email for immediate assistance.

Pay Locally

- Our partnership with Wise ensures you can make payments in your local currency, reducing conversion fees and complexities.

Comprehensive Proxy Service

- Catering to both individual consumers and business entities, we ensure all our clients find exceptional value in our offerings.


- Enjoy tax-free shopping! We do not charge the Japanese Sales Tax on exported goods and cars, passing on the savings directly to you.

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Most Asked Questions

The sales tax in Japan is a type of tax that companies collect from their customers, or end users, and remit to the government. However, this tax is only applied when the product or service is consumed within Japan. Consequently, even if this tax is initially collected from customers, it is typically refunded when the company can confirm that the product or service is being used outside of Japan.

This practice applies across all commerce, regardless of the company involved. In our case, since we know that the products we handle are being exported, we exempt our customers from this tax upfront. As for other companies’ business models, we cannot speak to their practices. However, we hope this explanation helps you understand why we do not charge Japanese consumption tax to our international customers.

Yes, we can ship your items to a Japanese address.

If you’re shipping to a hotel:

Please avoid scheduling shipments if you do not plan to arrive within 15 days of the shipping date. Make sure to confirm with the hotel that they can receive and hold the package for you, especially if you haven’t checked in yet. When providing shipping instructions, please include your check-in date in the delivery address, the hotel’s phone number, and use the same name as the one you used for your hotel reservation.

If you’re shipping to a friend or another business:

Ensure you contact the recipient or person in charge to confirm they can accept the package and its contents.

Please note that t
he item you ordered will be subject to Japanese consumption tax (8% or 10%) when you receive it in Japan.