Car Sourcing

Navigating the vast automotive market can be overwhelming, especially when faced with millions of options from auctions, shared stock, car shops, and private sellers. This is where our Car Sourcing service steps in – to simplify your journey and ensure you make the best choice without the hassle.

Who Is This Service For?

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First-time buyers interested in importing their first Japanese vehicle, with no prior experience necessary.

Entrepreneurs aiming to start or expand a car importing business with Japanese imports

Those looking for a reliable partnership with a seasoned Japanese car exporter.

Why Choose Car Sourcing?

Our approach is straightforward yet thorough. Simply tell us your requirements – the model, mileage, color, year, and other specifics, and let our experts take it from there. With years of experience in the industry, we’re adept at selecting and purchasing the perfect car that meets your criteria, ensuring a seamless process from start to finish.

Your Gateway to the Car Business

Car Sourcing is more than just a service; it’s your entry point into the automotive business. We not only assist in acquiring your first car but also educate you about the entire process. This knowledge becomes invaluable when you decide to expand into car importing for business purposes. Our Auction and Shared Stock services cater specifically to professional car importers, offering a robust start for those aspiring to purchase cars from Japan for resale in their markets.

Comprehensive Support

Our role doesn’t end at purchasing. We manage everything from the procurement to the exporting stages, including shipping logistics. Upon the car’s arrival at your destination port, you will be responsible for the importation process, adhering to your country’s regulations. Don’t worry, though – this part is simpler than it seems. A wealth of resources, from local import agents to online guides and instructional videos, are at your disposal to navigate these steps smoothly.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Leverage our rapid purchasing technique for an expedient selection and procurement of your desired vehicle, ensuring an optimal price-quality balance in today’s market. Our extensive knowledge and experience streamline your purchase, while our insider insights into Japan’s car export processes provide a solid foundation for your venture into the car business.

Cons: While our Car Sourcing Service is not complimentary, the value and advantages it provides justify the investment, ensuring a service that’s both premium and cost-effective.

Service Details and Pricing

Car Sourcing Service


250,000 yen

(Vehicles over 500,000 yen have an additional 5% service fee from the amount exceeding 500,000 yen)

*Please note that this service fee is refundable if you decide not to buy, but 150,000 yen will be deducted upon refund. It is, therefore, advisable to deposit an amount you anticipate spending in the near future.

Plan Benefits:

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Variable fees:

Vehicle sales TAX
NOT charged
(We pay instead and get it refunded after export.)
Vehicle Tax (if with number plates)
NOT charged
(We pay instead and get it refunded after export.)
Vehicle Insurance (if with number plates)
NOT charged
(We pay instead and get it refunded after export.)
Recycle fee
NOT charged
(We pay instead and get it refunded after export.)
Domestic delivery (depending on the type and car condition)
Around 5,000 - 60,000 yen
Pre-shipment Inspection fee (if required by regulations)
Around 30,000 yen
Overseas shipping cost

Optional fees:

Overseas shipping Insurance
Physical car check at the auction before bidding (additional photos, videos, etc.) and others as you request

Sample calculation

Service fee :   ¥250,000

Vehicle buying price* (No sales tax needed): ¥500,000

Domestic delivery*:  ¥10,000

Overseas shipping costs*:  ¥120,000

Total Invoice C&F* (Expenses in Japan + Shipping ):  ¥880,000


After the car arrives, you must proceed with customs clearance and registration in your country.
Following your country’s regulations, the expenses below should be paid from the customer’s side:

  • Customs clearance in your country
  • Registration costs in your country

*Overseas shipping cost depends on vehicle size (m3). We confirm shipping rates every time we book a car.

*Vehicles over 500,000 yen have an additional 5% service fee from the amount exceeding 500,000 yen.

  e.g., Vehicle buying price: 1,000,000yen
 Service fee: 250,000 yen+ 25,000 yen (500,000 yen*5%) = 275,000 yen.

*Domestic delivery cost depends on car condition and delivery method.

*Some countries require pre-shipment inspection before the shipment (example HERE).

*Auction Successful Bidding fee (or auction charges) depends on the auction house and method of bidding.

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