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Dive into the profitable world of reselling cameras from Japan

Known for their superior quality and innovation, Japanese cameras present a promising opportunity for both seasoned resellers and budding entrepreneurs. With our specialized suite of services, we help streamline your operations, enabling you to thrive in this dynamic market. Learn how we support your success in the Japanese camera reselling business below.

Special Service for Cameras

To leverage the profitable world of reselling cameras from Japan, simply start with a one-time onboarding fee of 5,500yen(approx. $50). This investment gives you access to our comprehensive suite of services tailored for entrepreneurs and resellers. As part of your special membership, additional options like professional photos will be available at a per-use cost.

Life time access

Monthly subscription fee: 5,500 yen

  • Dedicated Camera Storage: Safeguard your investment with access to our specially designed camera storage facility.
  • Specialized Packing Solutions: Benefit from our bespoke packing solutions, ensuring safe transit for your cameras.
  • Professional Photography: Showcase your cameras in the best light with our professional photography service, available to you at a special member discount.
  • Professional Video Service: Create compelling product videos with our expert video service, offered to you with a special membership discount.
  • Camera Repair Service Discount: Keep your products in top-notch condition with access to our camera repair service, available at a special discounted rate for our members.


1,000 yen per camera

This covers storage (for up to 1 week), specialized packing and packing materials, and other handling services.  

* For customers requiring longer storage periods, please get in touch with us to discuss extended storage options and rates.

Optional Fees

DESCRIPTION Member-Exclusive Price Regular Price
Professional Photos
300 yen
3,000 yen
Professional Video
600 yen
6,000 yen
Camera Repair - e.g. viewfinder cleaning, lens fungus removal

Sample photos

This is a popular choice, with over 95% of our customers opting for this service. We provide 8 carefully composed shots, taken at angles determined by our expert team. If you require additional photos, we offer them in increments of 2 for just 100 yen (tax inclusive).

Sample packing

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