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Quick to Buy

- Communicate via WhatsApp for instant responses.

- Share a link of the product or car you desire, and we can facilitate payment in as little as 10 minutes (subject to deposit availability).


- A broad array of optional services tailored to your requirements.

- As your dedicated business partner in Japan, we go beyond our listed services to provide bespoke solutions for your unique needs.


Personal Assistance Service

- Every registered client receives a dedicated "Super Manager" for personalized care.

- Always available on WhatsApp and email for immediate assistance.

Pay Locally

- Our partnership with Wise ensures you can make payments in your local currency, reducing conversion fees and complexities.

Comprehensive Proxy Service

- Catering to both individual consumers and business entities, we ensure all our clients find exceptional value in our offerings.


- Enjoy tax-free shopping! We do not charge the Japanese Sales Tax on exported goods and cars, passing on the savings directly to you.

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