Used Vehicle Import Regulations
Shipping Destination ports:

Los Angeles, Long Beach

Age Restriction:

More Than 25 Years Old

Roadworthiness Inspection:

No Inspection Required

Import Taxes Rates:

Handle Steering:

Left and Right Hand Drive

Estimated Delivery Time from Japan

Please select the most convenient port to estimate the time of arrival. If your desired port is not listed below, please get in touch with us.
The duration of delivery time is subject to change due to the timing of your payment, shipping companies’ availability, or seasonal circumstances.

Port of Discharge: Los Angeles

Estimated Delivery Time: 20-45 Days

Port of Discharge: Long Beach

Estimated Delivery Time: 20-45 Days

* Note: Information above is subject to change. We strongly advise you to contact the local clearing agents of your choice for updates and more details before you order your vehicle.