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If you’re looking to import some amazing Japanese products, you’ve come to the right place! WeLoveJDm.com is the perfect partner for you. We’ve got everything from brand goods and watches, to anime merchandise, fishing gear, guitars, and even vehicles straight from Japan.

We’re proud to be part of Jsmile LLC, a professional import/export company with over 17 years of experience in the industry. So, you can trust us to handle all your importing needs with the utmost care and expertise. Let’s get shopping!

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Why Jsmile

Tax Free shopping

Don't worry about Japanese consumption tax because it won't be applied to goods exported from Japan. Enjoy tax-free shopping with us!

Import anything from Japan

With over 17 years of experience, we can handle anything from watches to vehicles and ship them straight to your country.

Personal assistance service

Once you register with us, you'll be taken good care of by your very own assistant called a Super Manager. Feel free to reach out anytime via WhatsApp or email.

More for Goods

Many free services

Our basic fee includes many useful features already, such as 6 pictures and package consolidation.

Options to suit your needs

We understand that you may have unique requests that the basic fee doesn't cover. That's why we offer additional options, like reselling goods you purchased but are unable to import for some reason.

Your choice of shipping materials

You have a chance to choose not only a shipping carrier but also the shipping materials, like the size of the cardboard box. This ultimately helps you save on shipping costs.

More for Vehicles

Comprehensive service for car import beginners

Even if you have no experience with auto auctions, our premium auction service will help you find the best car you're looking for.

Many free services

Our basic fee already includes many useful features, such as full auction sheet translation, auction bidding, photos of vehicles, and more.

Advanced car report

We offer on-site check-ups by professionals and use special tools to provide you with a detailed car report including pictures and data, so you can confidently make your car purchase.

Frequently importing from Japan? Our VIP Membership might be just what you need. With dedicated services, quicker responses, and more, we offer the assistance you need for seamless operations. Explore our variety of services below to understand how we can facilitate your business.

We have a special membership program for those who regularly import from Japan

VIP Membership

Enhance your importing experience with our VIP Membership. Benefit from personalized phone support, priority responses, free question services, and complimentary packaging for orders over 2KG. Plus, enjoy exclusive discounts on optional services.

Comprehensive Proxy Service

Whether you're looking to import used cameras, cars, labeled bags, fishing gear, jewelry, or vehicle parts, our personalized proxy service makes importing from Japan easy. For specialized items like cameras and cars, we offer additional support to ensure you get exactly what you need.

No Hidden Costs

Maximize your profits with tax-free shopping. We don't charge the refundable Japanese consumption tax, directly benefiting your bottom line. With us, your business avoids hidden costs, allowing you to invest more in sourcing perfect products. We prioritize your success through transparency

Personalized Service

Our manual handling of purchases sets us apart from the automated errors of other companies. We provide consultations for services beyond our listed offerings, understanding every business owner's unique needs. We are committed to being your reliable, flexible, and dedicated business partner in Japan.


What others say


Alexander Harris

I gotta say, I was real impressed with the level of quality and attention to detail that Jsmile provided. They took great care in packing and shipping my goods, and everything arrived in perfect condition. If you're looking for a reliable and trustworthy import/export service, I would definitely recommend giving Jsmile a try.

Ethan Alexander

Sophia Grace

I absolutely loved working with Jsmile! If you're considering importing goods from Japan, I highly recommend their services. Their pricing structure was so simple to comprehend, and I really appreciated the fact that they handled all the additional taxes and fees for me. On top of that, their customer service team was incredibly helpful and always available to provide answers to any of my questions.

Sophia Grace

Matthew Harrison

As someone who has imported goods from Japan in the past, I was pretty skeptical about Jsmile's promise to save me money. But, I decided to give them a shot anyway. Suprising enogh their service was not only incredibly fast and reliable, but also surprisingly affordable. Needless to say, I'm definitely going to be recommending Jsmile to anyone looking to purchase goods from Japan.

Matthew Harrison

Ryan Patrick

I have to admit, I was a little hesitant about trying Jsmile because they're a newer company. But, boy was I pleasantly surprised! The service I received was absolutely outstanding. Everything was so easy to understand and straightforward, and I felt completely confident that my purchase was in good hands. I will definitely be using Jsmile again in the future!

Ryan Patrick

Isabella Rose

I have to say, Jsmile completely won me over with their openness and honesty. It was so refreshing to work with a company that didn't try to sneak in extra fees or charges. And, as if that wasn't enough, their service was absolutely exceptional! My goods arrived in pristine condition, exactly on time. I couldn't have asked for a better experience.

Isabella Rose

Samuel Parker

I was shocked when I found out how much money I could save by using Jsmile. Other companies charged hidden fees and didn't disclose the fact that I wouldn't have to pay consumption tax. With Jsmile, I knew exactly what I was paying for and ended up spending less overall.

Samuel Parker